Elizabeth Venz, CEO of Jack Nadel International: London

"Their writers are great at converting small pieces of information into engaging and well-written articles. I would recommend them to any business. They can write about anything.”

Mauro Cozzi, Co-founder of Emitwise

"I was most impressed with their ability to digest a complex subject despite knowing little about it before starting to work with us. The posts they wrote for us demonstrate the knowledge of someone who has been in the field for years, which is exactly what we needed.”

Priscilla Mulwa, Managing Director of The Filing Room

"After one month of articles, I could already see that my business had climbed the search rankings. Along with the blogs, the guys at BlogBright helped us with our social media accounts for no extra cost."

Who are Jack Nadel International?

Jack Nadel International are a major, multinational promotional merchandise company that specialise in providing the world's major brands with bespoke merchandising strategies. They have offices in the US and the UK and have worked with brands such as Instagram, Zoom, Twitch and Blackberry.

What we did for them.

JNI wanted to have an engaging and consistent blog presence to announce new product launches whilst also talking about their amazing charity work in Kenya. SEO was a secondary concern for them because the promotional merchandise industry is extremely competitive when trying to reach the first page of Google and Bing's search results. We decided to implement a keyword strategy for them anyway and, after months of consistent content, the results have been impressive.

What we achieved.

In addition to helping to promote their hugely successful online webstores which allow brands to launch and monitor gift giving strategies from anywhere in the world, we have also seen great results for certain keywords.

JNI is now listed on the first page for 'branded merchandise webstores'.

JNI is now listed on the second page for 'branded merchandise london'. This is very much a work-in-progress but we hope to have them on the first page for this search term very soon.

Who are Emitwise?

Emitwise are an AI-powered software company specialising in automated carbon accounting. Their goal is carbon neutrality and they help other businesses position themselves as sustainability leaders. They are an exciting start-up with plenty of funding and a vision we can all agree on.

What we did for them.

Emitwise's software uses machine-learning and AI to streamline the, previously laborious, carbon accounting process and display that information in an intuitive dashboard. Their software is quite complex, and to the average layman, quite difficult to understand. We helped Emitwise put their product into writing whilst also targeting certain individuals through specific blog titles.

For example, we wrote and posted specific articles which targeted Energy Managers and Office Managers as these are generally the people who make decisions concerning carbon accounting.

What we achieved.

Our blog articles were important in helping Emitwise to grow their audience and following on social media. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were no longer able to continue our services with Emitwise.

It is important to stress that for a content strategy to produce results in regard to SEO, there needs to be long-term consistency.

Who are The Filing Room?

The Filing Room is a document management & archiving company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Their service involves the storage, protection and management of physical files for major banks and insurance companies for extended periods of time. They also digitise these files upon request.

What we did for them.

As a brand, The Filing Room wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors by launching a blog page that would provide value to readers who were looking for information on document management & archiving. They also wanted to be extremely competitive when it came to search engine rankings so we implemented a keyword strategy throughout their content schedule.

What we achieved.

The Filing Room is now the 1ST RESULT for 'document archiving kenya'.

The Filing Room is now listed on the second page for 'document management kenya'.

One particular success story from this client was our series on the Kenyan insurance industry, which you can access here. As a result of this deal, The Filing Room attracted the attention of the Kenyan government who subsequently provided The Filing Room with an archiving contract worth over $5 million USD.

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