7 ways Inbound Marketing can help your business achieve maximum exposure

  1. Creating relevant and engaging content
  2. Customers appreciate inbound marketing over interruptive marketing which is now seen as intrusive (AdBlocker)
  3. Establishing yourself as an influential and authoritative figure in your industry
  4. Inbound Marketing works in conjunction with your social media presence
  5. Inbound Marketing helps to improve your appearance on search engines
  6. Inbound Marketing tactics are more likely to cause your clients to recommend you to friends
  7. Inbound marketing is easy to achieve and is better value than interruptive marketing methods

If you are a businessowner then you will be acutely aware of the importance of a good marketing strategy. You may have the most affordable and reliable product, or the most meticulous and thoughtful service, but if nobody knows about you then your business is going to struggle.

In the old days, before the digital revolution, marketing methods used to involve businesses sending their message upwards and outwards to anyone and everyone – regardless of whether they were interested or not. We in the digital marketing industry call that ‘interruptive marketing’ because, a lot of the time, it interrupts what you were previously doing.

Nowadays, great marketing campaigns have nuance and subtlety. They unwittingly lure the client in before delicately conveying the personality, ethos and vision of the business. Indeed, this subtlety is at the core of inbound marketing strategies.

One of the main strategies of inbound marketing is the creation of relevant and engaging content through blog posts, promotions and social media activity. If you are consistently producing good content and posting that content on your business’ website, interested customers will come to your website via the engaging content that reached them.

In this article, I will list 7 ways that inbound marketing can help any business reach its maximum potential.

Consistently creating engaging content establishes your business as an influential and authoritative figure in that industry.

The effect of a fun and regular blog cannot be underestimated. Having a blog lets you not only tell your own story, but it also allows a business to shape the industry’s story as well. Customers are more likely to remember and return to an influential leader within a certain industry.

Inbound marketing strategies complement social media marketing strategies.

Great content and social media pages go hand-in-hand. Having a social media presence means there is more of a platform for your content whilst having great content increases your social media presence. They both form a vital part of a strong digital marketing campaign.

Inbound marketing can improve your appearance on search engines.

Getting found on search engines like Google is all about your search engine ranking. Your ranking improves when webpages from your website are listed on other websites. By producing content, you increase the likelihood that someone will share or post your content on a related page.

An inbound marketing strategy makes it more likely for clients to recommend your business to others.

Recommendations come mainly from customer satisfaction in relation to the product or service they are receiving. However, recommendations also come from memorability and influence. If a client is being subtly reminded of their experience through great content, then they will be more likely to recommend to others.

Inbound marketing is inexpensive and is much better value than interruptive marketing methods.

Inbound marketing can be as simple as starting a blog for your website and posting to it regularly or as complex as fostering inbound and outbound links and maximising your search engine potential through keyword research. Thankfully, the digital age has heralded an era of affordable marketing and so no businesses should be left behind. I hope you enjoyed this article on inbound marketing and now feel a little bit more confident in the world of digital marketing. If you are a business owner, I would seriously recommend looking into starting your own inbound marketing campaign as it is proven to yield results.

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In their spare time, they are aspiring novelists and occasional poets. They both enjoy travelling. learning, and new adventures.

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These SEVEN easy steps are simple to understand even for the most inexperienced of digital marketers.