Business Blogs for SMEs: A beginner's guide to writing an engaging blog

If you are a business owner, then you will have probably tossed and turned late at night wondering if your website needs a blog.

I get it.

Blogging is a chore.

Constantly thinking about new content ideas, making sure they are appropriate for search engines, and uploading them with meticulous regularity are tiresome activities.

You are probably wondering if it is even necessary.

Well, if you want your business to get more recommendations, be an influential leader in the industry and increase brand exposure, then you need an engaging and active blog.

But you know this already. That’s why you are reading this post.

What if I told you that there are a few easy steps that will make the chore of having a consistent blog much more bearable?

Would you be interested?

At the end of the day, blogging is important but it isn’t as important as delivering an exceptional service or a faultless product.

The more time and effort you spend on your blog – the less you can spend on the products and services your business sells.

Thankfully, there are a few easy tips and tricks that you can do to make blog writing a simple (and even enjoyable!) process.

Number 1: Short, snappy paragraphs.

This is a good rule to live by for every blogger. If your paragraphs are regularly over three sentences long, you are going to bore your readers.

If you want to engage the reader without putting too much effort in, start a new paragraph at the end of every sentence.

Look how it worked on you!

Number 2: If you think of a good blog topic, suck it dry.

Some blog topics are better than others. They are more engaging for the reader and they score higher on search engines.

If you think of a good topic, don’t just squander it on one blog post.

Try and get at least 3 blog posts from a good topic. Don’t post them one after the other though!

Number 3: Know your pop culture.

If you’ve seen a meme going around on the internet, or a widely discussed song or film – mention it!

Stick it in your title if you can, you’ll get more clicks.

References like this are perfect when you need a few more words to get that blog post up to the magical SEO numbers.

Know your audience though, a bunch of oldies might not appreciate a ‘Baby Yoda’ reference.

Number 4: Try and enjoy it.

If you aren’t a writer and all you want to do is focus on your core services/product, then this will be hard.

As a writer, I can tell you this, if you aren’t in the right headspace your writing will not make any sense and no one will want to read it.

If it’s not working, shut your laptop screen and come back later.

About the Authors:

Cameron and Finn are two brothers who are passionate about digital marketing and even more passionate about written content.

Cameron specialises in long-form content, SEO and keyword strategies. Whereas Finn specialises in web design, inbound marketing and paid social.

In their spare time, they are aspiring novelists and occasional poets. They both enjoy travelling. learning, and new adventures.

Join them as they leap into digital!
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Post Summary:

If you haven't blogged before, and want to start, read this beginner's guide for some easy, digestible tips. Keep things short and snappy to keep your readers interested. Make multiple posts about interesting subjects. Know your pop culture.