Do I really need a blog? | Three easy alternatives to business blogging

Blogging isn’t for everyone.


It is. If you want to increase client recommendations of your company, become an influential leader in your industry and improve your appearance on search engines then you should probably get a blog.

What I mean is, some businesses may not have the time or resources to create a blog. Some businesses may not have appropriate content for a blog.

For example, if you run a funeral parlour, you may be thinking that a blog is unnecessary. Overkill, so to speak.

To some extent, I agree. However, a cleverly crafted blog page (it doesn’t have to be called a blog, that’s just the industry term for regular posts), is always appreciated by clients with questions.

If you have decided that you don’t need a blog but still want to do something to help your digital presence, there are a few options.

To start with…

…social media.

An extremely, easy and effective way of opening your business to clients for questions is by creating a social media page.

A social media presence has two main effects:

  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Increases the strength of your brand

The main issue with social media is you still need content.

Social media marketing works well when you combine it with inbound marketing methods, namely, blogging.

If you have good images, captions, memes and offers then you can execute social media marketing without a blog to re-share.

But remember… content is king.

Another easy trick that will help your digital presence is a pillar page.

Pillar pages take on several forms and definitions. I like to see it as a glorified FAQs page.

Take the 10 key questions clients usually ask you, condense those questions into topics and then write an essay that covers all these topics.

It should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words. Here is a link to our pillar page on inbound marketing.

Pillar pages are found easily on search engines and promote a healthy sitemap, provided you fill your pillar pages with links to other areas of your website. For an explanation of how links affect SEO, read this article.

Another easy method of increasing your digital presence is by answering questions on Quora.

Quora is a question and answer forum on the internet where people ask questions and others answer them. The best answer is upvoted until it is pinned as the top answer.

It is similar to blogging in that it requires you to think and to write. However, blogging requires consistency, regularity and attention to keywords.


By answering Quora questions that relate to your business, you can establish yourself as a respected figure within that industry. If you put your website’s URL into your profile, you can help drive traffic to your site when you answer people’s questions.

About the Authors:

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Cameron specialises in long-form content, SEO and keyword strategies. Whereas Finn specialises in web design, inbound marketing and paid social.

In their spare time, they are aspiring novelists and occasional poets. They both enjoy travelling. learning, and new adventures.

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Post Summary:

If you have been wondering whether you need to start blogging, this might be the article for you. Blogging can be tiresome, and it isn't always the most appropriate form of Inbound Marketing.