Insource a BlogBright Writer: Find out how our service works for you

If you are reading this article, then you are probably interested in bringing on a talented writer to optimise your website for the modern world of SERPs (search engine results pages), keyword strategy and search engine optimisation.  

At BlogBright, we support SMEs by helping them maximise their placement when it comes to organic search terms. How do we do this? Through consistent, quality content and smart keyword strategising.

In this blog post, which will be pinned to the top of our blog page so our viewers never have to look hard to find it, I am going to explain exactly how the BlogBright experience works. I will also explain what we can hope to achieve for you and in what timeframe.

Step 1 – Get in contact.

First, we need to hear from you. Send us an email, follow our LinkedIn page or drop us a message. Alternatively, fill out the form on our website with a brief message about who you are. That’s it.

Once we receive your message, we'll have a look at your website and do some research about your industry. We'll also take a look at who your competition is and how well they rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ecosia's SERPs. After we've done this, we will get in contact and arrange a call with you.

To help inform ourselves better for the phone call, we will prepare 8 potential blog titles based on our preliminary research. These calls are always much better when there is something to look at and discuss. We'll use this conversation to try and better understand the tone and message you want to present and disseminate. Our knock-up blog titles are there simply to give us a conversational base, a platform to build and grow from.

In addition to coming up with the blog content, we will also do some extensive keyword research to try and find out what kinds of long-tail and short-tail keywords we should target. We'll consider the frequency with which certain terms are searched, the competitiveness of those terms and, ultimately, which strategy is best for your business.

Keywords are very important. They need to be used throughout the website: on image file names, and on meta tags. We will advise you on the quick and easy changes you can make to your website to optimise your website for SEO. We don’t charge for this and there is a good reason why. In our experience writing for various organisations, consistent and quality content that people genuinely want to read and that gains traction on social media is what impacts SEO the most. Google and Bing like to see websites with thoughtful content. That’s what we do, with consistency. But if the rest of the website hasn’t been optimised then our hard work and creativity will be wasted.

Step 2 – Get paired up.

Once we have agreed on an initial month of content, and a keyword strategy, we will pair you up with a BlogBright writer who will write your content for the first month. The first month is a trial period: no contract, no obligations. If you think the service isn’t for you at the end of the month, we can settle up with an invoice and part ways. If you want to continue, we will draw up a contract.

We advise a content strategy of two articles per week to all of our clients. As we mentioned earlier, consistency is the best way of climbing the results pages. A week with a BlogBright writer usually looks like this:

Monday: First blog post is written and compiled in a document along with images and captions (should you choose for the package that includes images and captions!)

Tuesday: Once approved, the blog post is uploaded to your website and shared on social media. (Once again, we have different packages which include different services. Our full package includes images, captions, sharing on social media and also uploading to your website ourselves– all you have to do is approve.)

Wednesday: Second blog post is written, and the document is sent over for approval in the afternoon.

Thursday: Second blog post is uploaded and shared.

Friday: Reflection on week’s content. Preliminary planning for next week’s content. Contacting relevant people in your organisation for information – if it is required.

Step 3 – Invoicing.

As is mentioned above, with BlogBright, there are various packages you can opt for depending on what you want from us.

The full package includes two blogs a week, images to go with these blog posts as well as specific captions for sharing the blog posts on social media. In addition to this, the full package also means that we will upload the articles to your website for you and then share them on social media. Obviously, for this to happen, we would need to be given access to both your website and your social media accounts.

We invoice after the completion of 8 articles. For the full package, we would invoice you for £575 after 8 articles have been completed.

If you don’t need the full package, then we can discuss more bespoke strategies.

Step 4 – Results.

There are several reasons why blogging is an effective strategy.

Firstly, it’s great for social media. If you have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram account, having an active blog is a great way of generating engagement. Engagement on social media is vital for SEO.

One of our clients, who we have been writing consistently for about 7 months, has seen incredible results for certain keywords. Their website is on the cusp of being on the first page for a short-tail keyword and is already on the first page for a long-tail keyword. (Short-tail keywords are general terms such as ‘branded merchandise’ whereas long-tail keywords are specific terms like ‘branded merchandise online webstores’.)

Blogging is also a great way of adding substance to your brand. If you have a product or service that is quite complex, we can convert that into digestible, engaging posts. If your organisation lacks a voice, we can provide it.

The real benefit of having a BlogBright writer is that we do not see ourselves as an outsourced agency. We see ourselves as an insourced writer. We want the relationship between writer and business to be close with lots of communication and feedback. As your brand grows, your writer grows too.

About the Authors:

Cameron and Finn are two brothers who are passionate about digital marketing and even more passionate about written content.

Cameron specialises in long-form content, SEO and keyword strategies. Whereas Finn specialises in web design, inbound marketing and paid social.

In their spare time, they are aspiring novelists and occasional poets. They both enjoy travelling. learning, and new adventures.

Join them as they leap into digital!
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Post Summary:

This blog post provides a detailed explanation of how our service works from start to finish. It will help you understand whether BlogBright is the right pick for your business.