The FIVE best books about 'Inbound Marketing' and which of them you should read

You don’t become a specialist in inbound marketing without having read a book or two about the subject. Some of the resources we have read were long and laborious and others were inspirational and game-changing pieces that shape the way we think about marketing.

In this post, we have compiled the 5 best books about inbound marketing, digital marketing and blogging to help you with your pursuit of knowledge.

There is a multitude of businesses and organisations that will offer you a crash course in inbound marketing, but we believe all the knowledge is out there for anyone who is dedicated enough to become an expert.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best books to get you started:


Halligan and Shah are the Cofounders of HubSpot – the number one resource for inbound marketing resources and software. Their book goes above and beyond the simple definition of inbound marketing and provides the reader with a deep dive into the wider world of digital marketing.

Whether it is the extensive knowledge on the Google indexing methodology or a definitive ranking of each social media platform and how useful they will be from a marketing point of view, the book never fails to amaze and instruct.

We have listed this book at #1 and, although this list is not a definitive ranking because each reader has different needs and objectives, we think that the readers should treat this book as #1. It will change the way you perceive your website and your business, for the better.

Our only criticism of the book is that it could have a more comprehensive guide to inbound and outbound links as this is one of the more complicated aspects of inbound marketing. We have written our own article about links and posted it to The Vault to help clear things up. Read it here.

The second book on our list was created by the team at Moz – another vital resource in the world of inbound marketing. Whilst also being extremely in-depth and extensive, much of the material covered in this book can be found in Halligan and Shah’s text and vice versa.

Admittedly, it is slightly unfair of us to rank HubSpot higher than Moz as both books are on a par with each other and will give any business owner enough information to initiate a digital marketing strategy.

However, we read HubSpot’s book first and we frequently find ourselves on HubSpot’s fantastic website which suggests that their inbound marketing strategy is working better than Moz’s. Both books are excellent though, Moz’s section on Conversion Rate Optimisation goes above and beyond the call of duty.

At #3 we have placed Ann Handley’s text ‘Everybody Writes’. With equal parts focus on marketing and on writing, Handley eloquently guides the reader through a journey of empowerment when it comes to the written word.

By the end of this book, you should feel motivated and excited to write content for yourself or for your business. Content that will convey your personality and ethos in a way you never thought possible.

We like this book because, we would argue, the written content is at the very heart of inbound marketing. The written word is every adjective rolled into one and then rolled back out again. It can be simultaneously elegant, fun, sophisticated, emotive and informational. Handley appreciates that and we appreciate her for it.

#4 on our list is slightly different from the rest of them. The Badass Blog Planner is more of a workbook with various worksheets to help you plan and evaluate your inbound marketing strategy.

The book is colourful and fun and can keep the most tech-phobic of business owners on track and motivated to keep blogging. Our one issue with this book is that it doesn’t instruct the reader on how to construct a well-crafted blog and that is why we have placed Handley’s book above it.

The main reason we chose this book is to get across the fact that inbound marketing requires organisation and consistency. If you are going to be posting online and generating content, you need to have an element of routine and regularity.

A few blog posts a week ensures that your business always remains at the forefront of the customer’s mind. This leads to more recommendations, more returning customers and more exposure for your business.

Getting Goosebumps is 200 pages long and feels like a light read. It is informative, helpful and touches on the core values within marketing which is helpful for anyone trying to get their teeth into it.

We have placed it at #5 because, in many ways, it draws on features of the other 4 books on this list. It has technical information on SEO like the books from HubSpot and Moz.

It explores the idea of selling your brand online and creating a “warm, fuzzy feeling” through the creation of content which is reminiscent of Handley’s text.

Finally, it features worksheets and calendars to keep you organised and on-track, much like Sarah Morgan’s Badass Blog Planner. If you are a business owner who isn’t completely sold on inbound marketing, then this text may be the one for you. It is light and easy and covers all the bases.

About the Authors:

Cameron and Finn are two brothers who are passionate about digital marketing and even more passionate about written content.

Cameron specialises in long-form content, SEO and keyword strategies. Whereas Finn specialises in web design, inbound marketing and paid social.

In their spare time, they are aspiring novelists and occasional poets. They both enjoy travelling. learning, and new adventures.

Join them as they leap into digital!
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Post Summary:

These are the five best books we have read about INBOUND MARKETING! These books helped us initiate our own Inbound strategy and we have applied the expertise from these books to our clients' websites with great success.